You Legend!!!

Thank you for registering in Lake St Clair Bike Ride!

This year, your amazing efforts will go towards Witmore Enterprises. Witmore provides respite, support and even employment opportunities to the people living with disabilities. Find out about their great contribution here: http://www.witmore.org.au/

Now start training! The course is certainly not flat, but certainly manageable. The picturesque mountain ranges around the lake sets the backdrop for the ride.

For the 75km riders, you’re in for a treat. Over 1500m of climbing – a ride you will not forget. The undulating terrain is punctuated with what the locals call “the Dam Hill Climb”, a 2km climb at 7% grade. Nice! As they say, the fun is on the other side!

For you 48km riders, don’t worry, you don’t miss out on the Dam Hill Climb either, but our course has you turning around at the Mt Olive muffin stop, saving your legs for the after party later on in the night!

For you 16km riders, whilst it’s the shortest distance of our offerings, rest assured, there’s still some punch about it. It’s a great way for new riders to experience some moderate hills. Don’t concentrate too hard on the road though, there’s majestic scenery to take in!

Regular newsletters will be distributed leading up to the event. Keep an eye out! If you need to contact us, send us an email us at admin@lakeride.com.au, or jump on our website and submit an enquiry.

Happy riding!

I am confirming that I understand and accept the Terms and Conditions, and other information as published on https://www.lakeride.com.au and that I am capable of completing this ride safely and are aware of the conditions and requirements for Lake St. Clair Bike Ride participation.

I further understand that the event is on public roads with other vehicles present and standard road rules apply to all participants.

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